Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron and Other Stuff/Whatnot

Yes! It has become a recent attempt of mine to write a 'what's going on' at least once a week and hopefully have some new artwork to talk about. If not new art, for the sake of writing, I'll post something old and discuss that.

To the left we have a Tron inspired self-portrait. My buddy Dave Piper was kind enough to jog my juices and give me the challenge. I really do love the original movie and was highly anticipating the long awaited sequel. This became a fun little project.

The figure and the background were inked on paper separately, then merged via computer. All the color was done using Photoshop. Doing this helped me figure out a few neat things about computer coloring, such as the nice little lettering effect in the bottom right corner of the picture.

By the way, Tron Legacy was a fun movie. I'd like to see it again, but I'll most likely wait until a home viewing release has been made available. I can't tell you clearly whether or not it was a 'good' movie due to my affection for the original. There were many scenes of exposition which seemed a bit shoddy, but not as horrible as that other movie people seem to be comparing it to.

The Daft Punk soundtrack is getting mixed reviews. Music people seem to be disappointed while Movie people seem to praise it. I fall in the latter category, being that I see a really solid film score that's all over the place with its inspiration and homage. From Vangelis to 8-bit consoles to the scores of epic films such as Lawrence of Arabia, many things will come to mind when listening to this score. Daft Punk really does put together a nice vehicle to help us drift through this transient film.

Other stuff, below is a meme called an 'influence map' which has been floating around Deviant Art for the past few months. Because a few of my friends put one together, I was motivated to do one as well.

First, my friends are more inspiration to me than the above. So this happens to be a collage of crap I like... thus influencing me.

Second, I cheated. This was only 5x6 and I made it 6x9. There are just so many amazing artist and different works out there I had to make it a little bigger, otherwise I'd just fill up every little square with a different picture and leave nothing to composition.

This is probably not complete/inaccurate, but I put a grip of time into it so I'm sure it's approximate. You can try and make your own by downloading the meme here.

Finally, the whatnot is my collection of unfinished projects. Below is a preview pic of the 10 pages I'm making for my fiancee, Rie. It's simply titled "Rie Kills a Ghost". It's, however, still being penciled.

So, the list of projects in progress by priority:
  1. Rie Kills a Ghost
  2. Place in the Sun (with Phoenix)
  3. 's 5-track Challenge
  4. Untitled Blarg! Script
  5. Oni Land Comic
  6. Untitled Zombie Comic
  7. Possibly Others that I forgot about
Ok, so now this is where you bombard me with musings, inspiration, strategy, and motivation!

Thanks all. This entry took me way too long to write and it's a bit wordy, so here's to my attempts at making better/more entertaining bolg entries.

Rock on!

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