Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pretty Dress Store

Time for another Monday post!

Still getting the hang of this Blog thing. It's my hopes to post random blurbs and musings every now and then but... There's just so much to accomplish throughout the week. I think the fist thing to do is read up on 'time management.'

That stuff aside, here's Monday's comic.

Click picture to enlarge it!
This Comic was originally made in 2005 based on the concept "Two girls walk into a pretty dress store..." It's an oldie, but I still think it holds up.

This was made in my blue and black ballpoint pen phase (along with some sharpie and food coloring). I think that's what initially inspired the color scheme of WWZ.

It also stars two of my characters that aren't from the "BLARG!" universe, but I still consider this part of "BLARG! Comics"

Enjoy! I'll make my best attempts to make some new stuff!

1 comment:

  1. I will give you some comments here, but keep in mind this is coming from someone who has never picked up a comic book OR taken a serious art class.

    Things I like:

    A) The second-to-last frame on the first page is great. I think it does a good job conveying everyone's personality. The zombie's eyes have an evil "I'm gonna F you up" vibe, the chick in white has an innocent surprised look, and the other one is totally nonchalant, possibly unaware.

    B) The first frame on the second page is my favorite. The zombie looks really great here, its posture creepy, and the shading gives the form a lot of depth. Love the cross hatch in the background, it makes me feel like shit is going down.

    C) And finally, the level of gore in the "punch through head" and "rip head off" frames is just wild, love it.

    And here is some stuff I think could be better (totally respectful, albeit uneducated constructive criticism):

    The third frame of the second page is a little dead to me. The prior frame shows the legs of our heroine in that totally relaxed and uninterested pose, but in frame three she looks angry, and the zombie doesn't look too threatening.

    Maybe a frame with her shrugging as her friend runs out as to say "what, you're really scared at that thing?" Followed by a close up of her face looking bored/annoyed with the zombie approaching in the background looking absolutely fierce would have punched up her personality more.

    I like the character though, she seems kind of bored/jaded/maybe reluctant? as a zombie killer, but kicks massive ass when she finally makes her move.