Monday, July 12, 2010

Pop Idol

Honestly, I haven't been making new comics these past few weeks. My free time has been spend watching shows like Futurama and the IT Crowd, then passing out in my chair.

The other day I was talking to some Mormon missionaries. I randomly bumped into them at the post office and figured I'd welcome another foreigner to town with a pleasant minded hello.

After chatting, the conversation in my head began while I walked home. It was along the terms of people and their religions and their devout faith to them. Anything you devout yourself too will certainly take an investment of your life and time.

Sometimes I am envious of those who have found that faith in something. A calling from inside their hearts telling them what they do is right. I've tried Christianity and that feeling was not there, so I don't think Mormonism is for me.

That's when I thought: could art be my religion?
I'd certainly have to devote more of my life and time to it, but it does kinda feel right.

Ok, enough of that! Here's a comic for you to enjoy while I attempt to make new ones.

Click on the picture to enlarge it:

This comic was made in 2007 for my friend, Dave DeRue's comic thing. Not sure if I made the cut, but I really like how it turned out.

This was inspired by watching TV as well as my current roommates' obsession with watching American Idol every week.

Side note: I don't watch TV. I quit witching TV in 2004. I actually removed the cable from the back of my TV set. Granted, I still watch some shows, but never when they're originally aired. Therefore, when I'm in a household that watches TV all the time I become very mesmerized by it (in an objective manor). It's all noise and visual garbage... it's similar to gawking at a car wreck.

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  1. This comic captures how TV shatters faith and projects bad vibes... I think one’s faith ties an individual to truth. One’s faith is as unique to that individual as their own fingerprint. Religion is like a tuning fork for faith. If Art keeps you in tune with truth, I’d go with it. If a Christian or anyone of any particular religion shatters the faith of another they are out of tune with their religion. A true religion is in tune with truth.