Monday, June 21, 2010

The Need For a Frickin' Cigerette (the comic)

I drew this comic while in college, based on a movie I made titled "The Need For a Frickin' Cigarette" staring Drew McKay. Drew's character 'The Captain' makes his comic debut in these pages. Although originally illustrated in 2004, they were inked and toned in 2008 for publication in GenkiFace issues 1-3. Be sure to click on a page to make it larger.

This comic is the fist appearance of Kid Zero, star of "Walking With Zombies." It also inspired me to lump all my zombie comics under one name, "Blarg! Comics" (with the exception of "WWZ")


  1. Hey Alan, I am really happy you are starting up your comic. I will spread the word among my friends!


    Oh Alan I think you need to fix the comment section, it does allow people who don't have google, livejournal,wordpress, aim, typepad accounts to comment. You may lose some comment cause of it.

  2. Thanks Naomi!
    I'm not sure what you mean by "loosing comments" though. Shouldn't I allow anyone to comment?

  3. So awesome! He is brutal with that hockey stick. I just love the Wawa reference. :)

  4. Always loved this comic! would be awesome to see it in a full book.
    (also because it uses my likeness and I'm a narcissist!)